folkVOTE Featured Song and Video September 10

The F-Word (Fascism) by John Dillon

Not in America, how absurd
We’d never thought we’d have to use the F-word
But rising from the ashes of political mayhem
It’s F – A – S – C – I – S – M
In Madeleine Albright’s book she wrote it
No longer can we laugh or sugar coat it
We’ve got to call it out before it’s too late
This is the American Fascist State

Lie by lie, norm by norm
Manipulating reality’s become an art form
Like the frog, we’ve been boiling so slow
We didn’t even notice we’d fallen so low
What were we thinking, a tv star?
Who bankrupted businesses, and paid off porn stars
We took the bait that sealed our fate
This is the American Fascist State

With Barr at his side they break the rules
Elected republicans say it’s all cool
Unconfirmed puppets, guardrails long gone
Imaginary enemy, battle lines drawn
He’s divided America, wants us to fight
In MAGA country, great means white
Where love and civility are trumped by hate
This is the American Fascist State

Have we passed the point of no return?
Can we not see it, will we not learn?
The American experiment’s gone horribly awry
It’s up to you and me, vote or die
Our democracy can’t take another four years
Of private police and profiteers
We already know they’re gonna cheat
But if we all show up we won’t be beat
Vote everyone, don’t hesitate
Don’t want this American Fascist State
Vote out this American Fascist State
Don’t want this American Fascist State

folkVOTE Featured Song and Video August 23

Three Faces in a Row

Words and music by Charlie King

After attending the 2013 March on Washington I wrote “3 Faces In a Row,’ to echo Rev. Sharpton’s powerful call to challenge Voter Suppression.

“We’re on our way to North Carolina, we’re on our way to Texas, we’re on our way to Florida. And when they ask us for our voter ID, take out a photo of Medgar Evers; take out a photo of Goodman, Chaney & Schwerner; take out a photo of Viola Liuzzo – they gave their lives so we could vote. Look at this photo. It gives you the idea of who we are.” Rev. Al Sharpton, Aug. 24, 2013, 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

folkVOTE Featured Song and Video August 17

Not Going Back (I Don’t Think So)

Words and music by Mary Lou Fulton

Not Going Back is the winner of the Social Change Song of the Year contest organized by the Renaissance Artists and Writers Association! See for more about the song and to request free sheet music and choir arrangements.

Credits: Lyrics and vocals by Mary Lou Fulton Music by Mary Lou Fulton & Rob Seals, founder of the Songwriting School of Los Angeles Song arranged and produced by Rob Seals, who also played acoustic guitar Video directed and produced by Joe Rubalcaba.

folkVOTE Featured Song and Video August 4

Vote, Dammit! by John McCutcheon

Vote, Dammit!

words & music by John McCutcheon

words & music by John McCutcheon

John Lewis walked across that bridge
(So you could) vote, dammit
Like a soldier charging up a ridge
(So you could) vote, dammit
Since that day in Selma town
When violence threw him to the ground
He rose each time he was beaten down
So vote, dammit


Vote dammit
Stand in line
Vote dammit
Every time
Prove your power, let it shine
And vote dammit

They fought the Klan, they fought Jim Crow
(So you could) vote, dammit
They fought so you could have it so
So vote, dammit
They were brave and they were true
Did what they were asked to do
Now the future looks to you
So vote, dammit 


For fifty years we’ve had to fight
So vote, dammit
Still they try to steal our right
So vote, dammit
Will you rise when you are asked to stand
When the call goes out, will you raise your hand
Let your voice be heard across this land
So vote, dammit



All those heroes of the past
Dreamed ‘bout the ballot that they’d cast
Prayed their sacrifice would last

So, on that Tuesday in November
Vote, dammit
Those gone before we will remember
Vote, dammit
‘Cause freedom is not guaranteed
We are the proof that they’d succeed
Good Trouble is just what we need
So vote, dammit


July 31, 2020
St. George Island, FL

folkVOTE featured Song and Video – July 23

“A Perfect Storm” – written by John Dillon, performed by John Dillon and Vivian Nesbitt

Free MP3 download:

30 Sec. Save Our Democracy (chorus) Video link:

“A Perfect Storm” highlights how the trifecta of the Covid-19 pandemic, systemic Racism and government Corruption has motivated people of all ages and races to take to the streets and make their voices heard. John & Viv’s aim is to harness this energy and inspire massive voter turnout in November. John says, “We hope DJs will play the song and use the PSA in their shows as often as possible between now and November.”

Virtual Choir of Resistance: Vivian Nesbitt, Dan Navarro, Tret Fure, Joe Jencks, Cathy Fink, Daniel Boling, Jono Manson, Steve Gillette, Cindy Mangsen, Don Richmond, Jon Gold, Tom Naunas, Jackson Dillon, Jessica Dillon, Sidney Dillon-King, Tony Glaser, Katie Anne Mitchell, Catherine Reid, Annie & Rod Capps.
Mixed by 7-time Grammy winner, Joel Moss, videos by John Dillon

folkVOTE featured Song and Video – July 15

“Say Can You See” by Scott Cook from his forthcoming album, Tangle of Souls

I love this country, I love the people and the land
But there’s a lot of stuff happening that I can’t understand
We got billions for bailouts, we got trillions for wars
But it’s hard for working people to make a living anymore

Hear me out for a second, this ain’t a partisan song
It ain’t about right and left, it’s about right and wrong
We’re fighting over the scraps while a few are living like kings
‘Cause screwing us over’s a bipartisan thing

And it’s working people who made this country great
Not the greedy opportunists or the peddlers of hate
And if a new day’s coming, it’s gotta come from you and me
Oh say, can you see?

See, I got a neighbour, we don’t always agree
He’s a bit of a redneck, according to a hippy like me
But if you’re in the ditch, he’ll pull you out, I know he will
And that’s more than I can say for all those dickheads on the hill

And it’s working people who made this country great
Not the greedy opportunists or the peddlers of hate
And if a new day’s coming, it’s gotta come from you and me
Oh say, can you see?
Oh say, can you see?

He works hard for his family, he’s got loyalty and pride
The company took all he gave and then cast him aside
See, there’s profit in poverty, hell, there’s profit in prisons
And they don’t even pay taxes, they just buy politicians

In New York Harbour there’s a lady with a flame
Still calling in the huddled masses in Liberty’s name
But there’s fear on the airwaves and hatred wrapped in the flag
Turning strangers into enemies and our riches into rags

And a revolution to break the grip of greed
Don’t need a strongman or a saviour, but I believe we’re gonna need
Whatever magic this old world’s got left to start
And all the ammunition in the chambers of our hearts

Scott Cook
prairie balladeer, awestruck vagabond

folkVOTE featured Song and Video: “Freedom is a Constant Song” by Si Kahn – July 7


I remember 1965
In a country church singing freedom songs
Good people struggling to survive
Asking, why must we wait so long?

Late this evening I can hear
    From my window hight above
Young marchers singing back the fear
Against the chill of a dream gone wrong
They bring us courage, hope and love
For freedom is a constant song
Freedom is a constant song

50 years since I first learned
These songs of longing to be free
Past all the bridges that they’ve burned
They hearten and encourage me

I am so grateful that tonight
I saw these marchers come again
No work to do except what’s right
No words to say except amen

Words and music by Si Kahn.
© Joe Hill Music LLC (ASCAP)
All rights reserved.

folkVOTE’s first featured Song and Video: “1920” by Saro Lynch-Thomason and Sam Gleaves – June 29

from I Have Seen Women: Songs by Si Kahn Celebrating Women’s Lives and Struggles by Saro Lynch-Thomason & Sam Gleaves (Strictly Country Records)


Music and lyrics by Si Kahn, Sam Gleaves, and Saro Lynch-Thomason
© Joe Hill Music LLC, Saro Lynch-Thomason & Fabulachian Music (All ASCAP)
For background and context, click here.

Have you seen a long long line
As women stand and wait to vote
They’ve been waiting for a long long time
But now the year is 1920

The last petition, the final prayer
The signs and banners stored away
One last cheer lingers in the air
It echoes down to us today

Since they stood tall and signed their names
One hundred years have come and gone
So much has changed, so much remains
We go on, we still go on

The last march ended, one last song shared
The vote for women finally passed
The Constitution now repaired
Suffrage is the law at last

Through years of beatings, torture, jail
They stood their ground, they claimed their rights
They did not yield to scorn and fear
The lamp they lifted still burns bright (Chorus)

Give thanks to those who showed the way
In their history you will find
How fierce love and stubborn strength
Can help you through the hardest times

Hold their courage in your hearts
Sisters, workers, children, friends
We know the vote was just a start
Keep the faith as they did then (Chorus)

Did you see that long long line
Young women laughing, filled with pride
They’re about to vote for the very first time
Like in the year of 1920