folkVOTE Featured Song and Video September 10

The F-Word (Fascism) by John Dillon

Not in America, how absurd
We’d never thought we’d have to use the F-word
But rising from the ashes of political mayhem
It’s F – A – S – C – I – S – M
In Madeleine Albright’s book she wrote it
No longer can we laugh or sugar coat it
We’ve got to call it out before it’s too late
This is the American Fascist State

Lie by lie, norm by norm
Manipulating reality’s become an art form
Like the frog, we’ve been boiling so slow
We didn’t even notice we’d fallen so low
What were we thinking, a tv star?
Who bankrupted businesses, and paid off porn stars
We took the bait that sealed our fate
This is the American Fascist State

With Barr at his side they break the rules
Elected republicans say it’s all cool
Unconfirmed puppets, guardrails long gone
Imaginary enemy, battle lines drawn
He’s divided America, wants us to fight
In MAGA country, great means white
Where love and civility are trumped by hate
This is the American Fascist State

Have we passed the point of no return?
Can we not see it, will we not learn?
The American experiment’s gone horribly awry
It’s up to you and me, vote or die
Our democracy can’t take another four years
Of private police and profiteers
We already know they’re gonna cheat
But if we all show up we won’t be beat
Vote everyone, don’t hesitate
Don’t want this American Fascist State
Vote out this American Fascist State
Don’t want this American Fascist State