folkVOTE featured Song and Video: “Freedom is a Constant Song” by Si Kahn – July 7


I remember 1965
In a country church singing freedom songs
Good people struggling to survive
Asking, why must we wait so long?

Late this evening I can hear
    From my window hight above
Young marchers singing back the fear
Against the chill of a dream gone wrong
They bring us courage, hope and love
For freedom is a constant song
Freedom is a constant song

50 years since I first learned
These songs of longing to be free
Past all the bridges that they’ve burned
They hearten and encourage me

I am so grateful that tonight
I saw these marchers come again
No work to do except what’s right
No words to say except amen

Words and music by Si Kahn.
© Joe Hill Music LLC (ASCAP)
All rights reserved.