Welcome to folkVOTE

A Message From Si Kahn

Even during the pandemic, through traditional and online radio, social media, and live streaming, roots musicians still reach hundreds of thousands of potential voters. That’s why Art Menius and I are launching folkVOTE.

Our goal is to harness the power of music and musicians to help get out the vote this November. We hope musicians will:

• Make a brief statement and a song about the need to register and vote available through online concerts, videos, websites, newsletters, and social media.
• Write songs about the vote to use either themselves or by their musician friends who aren’t songwriters.
• Make and post videos of your get out the vote songs
• Suggest historic songs that might fit the bill.

Please send us your voting-related videos and songs

folkVOTE welcomes songs about voting and why we vote from almost all political viewpoints, left, right, or in the middle. Please send your lyrics and links, no matter how basic and homemade, to November3@folkvote.sikahn.com.

FolkVOTE supports freedom of artistic expression, but please understand that the opinions expressed in the songs posted on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of folkVOTE, Si Kahn or Art Menius.

We shall not, however, post lyrics or videos that contain what we deem to be hate speech, racist content, deliberately misleading statements, or calls to violence. folkVOTE is about inspiring people to use the ballot box to achieve positive change through full citizen participation.

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